Honorary Members, Life Members, Members, Donor and/or Corporate Members, Institutional Members, and Students Members constitute the Society

The Administration, direction and management of the Society rests with the Council of the ISSS. The Council for 2018 is


Dr S.K. Chaudhari
Dr Arvind K. Shukla and Dr (Mrs) Vandana Dwivedi
Dr D.R. Biswas
Joint Secretary
Dr K.M. Manjaiah
Assistant Secretary
Dr K.K. Bandyopadhyay
Dr Mahesh C. Meena
Chief Editor
Dr B.S. Dwivedi     
Dr J.S. Kanwar, Dr D.R. Bhumbla, Dr S.S. Khanna, Dr I.P. Abrol, Dr N.N. Goswami, Dr G. Dev,
Dr D.K. Das, Dr M. Velayutham, Dr P.K. Chhonkar, Dr. G. Narayanasamy, Dr J.S. Samra, Dr J.C. Katyal,
Dr A.K. Singh, Dr B.P. Singh, Dr R.K. Rattan and Dr Jagdish Prasad (Past Presidents; Ex-officio)

Dr P. Balasubramaniam, Dr U.P.S. Bhadauria, Dr Debashis Chakraborty, Dr O.P. Choudhary, Dr (Mrs) Rita Dahiya, Dr Krishnendu Das, Dr Amlan Kumar Ghosh, Dr Kuntal Mouli Hati, Dr Prakash Ramrao Kadu and Dr (Ms) S. Sridevi

Dr T. Chikkaramappa, Dr Samar Kumar Gangopadhyay, Dr Narendra Kumar Lenka, Dr Ramawatar Meena, Dr K.C. Patel, Dr Manoj Kumar Sharma, Dr Sanjay Kumar Sharma, Dr Dhanwinder Singh, Dr Kishor Prabhakar Vaidya, Dr (Smt) Shashi S. Yadav